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MOM! Q&A with Sam Hickey from PURPLE GECKO HEALTH - The Pregnancy & Postnatal Fitness Coach

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In our second Q&A we are chatting to Samantha Hickey, the owner of Purple Gecko Health, a women's health service dedicated to supporting pregnant and post-natal women. 

"We build strong women, mums to be and help new mums recover, rebuild and regain their confidence, fitness & health"

Sam has some great advice and tips for all Mums. Here's our MOM! Q&A below...


What top 5 tips can you give to our followers in regards to their post-natal health?

  1. Start with gentle exercises like pelvic floor exercises and ab rehab as well as walking to gradually rebuild strength. I highly recommend seeing a post-natal rehab specialist like myself or mummy MOT to find where you physically are in terms of DR, pelvic health, postural issue.
  2. Prioritise sleep – easier said than done but it's the life line of health.
  3. Keep protein intake high.
  4. Listen to your body and don't push yourself beyond your current limits.
  5. Don't compare your post-natal health journey to anyone else's.

What should new mums consider when starting exercise after giving birth? 

They should consider that they have just had a baby, and that they have gone through a physical trauma whether that's a vaginal birth or c-section there is a gaping wound that needs to heal.

They should consider the type of exercise they are doing, once we have hit the 6/12-week mark post-natal check up point it doesn't mean you are back to pre-pregnancy health, we shouldn't be doing any high impact exercises like full burpees, jumping squats, tossing tires (YEP I’ve seen it all!) 

We should also be considering core rehab and pelvic floor engagement and breathing in line with the exercise movements we are doing. You need to think like a beginner and start with the basics and build on those strong foundations once we have them. There are so many exercises that are suitable and safe to be doing that don't include going back to the HIIT class or the Bootcamp straight away post-natally. The likelihood is that you’ll cause more damage down the line you don't do post-natal rehab correctly.  

Apart from running around after our babies, what advice can you give new mums to help get them moving?

Take it slowly. We see so many mums wanting to 'bounce back' but their bodies are not always ready. So, start off slow, park a little further away from the supermarket to get some extra steps in, go for walks with the pram, find a post-natal exercise group or class in your area.

With all energy going into our new little ones, what are your top tips for nutrition and keeping mums fit and healthy? 

My top tips when it comes to nutrition for new mums is to actually plan some quick and easy meals and snacks to have in the fridge. This is going to help stop the random snacking, or picking off your kids plate and will mean you have nutritious snacks to help keep energy levels up!

Pick high protein options. They will keep you fuller for longer and aid in recovery from all the running around and lack of sleep! Drink plenty of water!

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Samantha is based in Warrington and also offers personalised face-to-face and online programs, massage, acupuncture, and group classes to help women achieve their health and fitness goals during all stages of their lives.


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