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What sustainability means to us.
When we started Martha Oh My! we didn't just want our products to look good, we wanted them to be good too.

Being sustainable is important to us and it’s important to our customers, but it’s critical for our little ones. We all must play our part to help build a brighter future for them to grow up in. Big or little, every company should be doing their bit to ensure this.

So, creating a baby led brand that wasn’t sustainable didn’t make any sense to us at all.

That’s why sustainability was always at the fore front of our minds as we developed the Martha Oh My! brand, taking it into consideration with every decision we made. We wanted to understand how we could play our part in the world and also create beautiful products our customers would love.

What we are doing.

Even though we are only a small start-up, we don’t comprise on our ethics. When it came to creating our products and packaging, we had a lot to consider; we knew we wanted to provide something for our customers that was not only beautiful, but could be continued to be reused, handed down and recycled. And that’s what we did, we went out and worked with our suppliers to ensure this happened.

Our products and packaging.

Where plastics are made from non-renewable resources, all our products are made from silicone, a material created from Silica which is found in sand, making it a sustainable resource and therefore much friendlier to the planet. Our silicone is also 100% food grade, non-toxic and BPA free.

Silicone is generally a better material to use when compared to other plastics and has become the go to alternative for those seeking a greener product. Plus, the strength and durability of silicone means our products can be bashed about and washed repeatedly, ensuring they can be handed down from baby-to-baby without losing quality.


Our packaging was also carefully considered. All our cardboard product packaging is made from recycled card, as is all the packaging we use to post our products to you.

In addition to this, we do not believe in, or use any single use plastics. So, all Martha Oh My! products arrive to us sealed in a branded, reusable and compostable bag. Where possible, we ship multiple units in a bag together to decrease any unnecessary waste. We then pass one on to our customers so they can be reused for all your essentials (or even the odd cheeky snack whilst out and about). And, once you’ve finished with it, you can recycle it in your compost bin.

The future.

Being sustainable is a long-term commitment and we’ll always strive to do all we can and ensure sustainability is considered in any decision we make. As we continue to grow, we’ll continue to share our sustainability story with you all.

Love Alex & Helen (Martha Oh My!) XOXO

PS. If you have any questions about sustainability and our products pop us an email to